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“A modern vibrant economy, abundant natural resources, varied climate, mineral wealth and a rich, cultural, social, religious and historical heritage.”

When we articulate Bihar we are remembered of ancient India when Buddhism was evolving into what now is a universal religion. The word “Bihar” is a mythical rename of “Vihara” meaning Buddhist Monasteries which at one point in history were scattered all over the landscape of Bihar, around villages and cities alike.

The birthplace of Buddha, Mahavira and Guru Gobind Singh, Bihar is the home of Emperor Ashoka who preached “Ahimsa”, or non-violence, and spread the message of Buddhism throughout the world. A place where people embraced Buddhism, and the holiest sermon “Buddham Saranam Gachhami” reached beyond the boundaries of our country.

Bihar has also been the birth place of two great theologies- Buddhism and Jainism. So Come and explore the splendor of Bihar, the land of the dignified Ganges, the lush green plains, exquisite flora and fauna, attractive tourist destinations like the world famous ancient seats of learning like Nalanda and Vikaramshila, marvelous Madhubani paintings (Mithila Arts), vivacious Sujuni work, stunning Bhagalpuri silk, rich mineral resources, the world famous delicious litchi (lychee) and mangoes ……. and much much more …….. in fact something to suit every taste.


Since the inception of its history, which dates back to 500 years ago, Bihar has been recognized on cradle of movements in the fields of culture, religion, literature and human rights. A depiction of peace, Lord Buddha, Mahavir, Great Guru Govind Singh, Mahatma Gandhi and great Sufi Saints, bestowed this land. It is the land on which the earliest seeds of democracy took roots and blossomed into a form of governance with the advent of Lord Buddha.


Patna the capital of Bihar, also known as Patliputra in history, was home to one of the greatest monarchs of the world who ruled over much of the Indian subcontinent, and extended as far as Iran and Afghanistan to the West.
Bihar is the fascinating land of great religious leaders like Gautama Buddha, Lord Mahavir and Guru Gobind Singh. It was also erstwhile the capital city of Patliputra of Emperor Ashoka
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